Why Choose Cellular Solutions?

At Cellular Solutions we know our customers better than anyone else.
We have an exceptional customer retention rate of 95%, which is the highest in the industry. We provide our customers with total reliability, honesty, a truly consultative approach and unsurpassed levels of attention to detail.

In order to deliver this outstanding level of service we have one of the lowest customer to staff ratios in the communications industry with our customer managers looking after an average of just 67 customers each. Way below the industry average.

Our approach recognises the significance of the value created as a result of successfully harnessing technology that should increase productivity and efficiency, reduce cost and simplify the way you work.

About the Company

Our purpose at Cellular Solutions is to provide high value business solutions to help you improve communications and effectiveness.

We’re focused on helping businesses work better to deliver efficiencies, improve relationships with their customers, employees and suppliers and build profitability. We help businesses develop and improve through excellence of communication.

We will provide a free full audit of your telecoms and work with you and our partners to bring you the right solution for your business needs.  We will build a package that will improve service levels, boost productivity and ultimately assist you with reaching your business goals.

We offer a complete range of all telecommunications products and services encompassing mobile, landline and digital products. But most importantly, we know that telecoms is a complex area and things don’t always go smoothly 100% of the time. So at Cellular Solutions we have the team, the systems and the partners to ensure that our support is here

Vision Statement

We open minds through proven yet innovative technologies that enable business to thrive
We demonstrate the importance of the human connection to provide quality service and support with personality and integrity.

We support our communities by giving back time, investment and resources

Strong and Stable

We run an effective and efficient business securing long term stability by analysing, innovating and evolving


We interact with our customers, partners and team in an open and committed way to deliver the best outcomes.

Nurturing Growth

We interact with our customers, partners and team in an open and committed way to deliver the best outcomes.

Real People

We passionately enjoy what we do which shapes our trusted and valued relationships; driving our team culture and personal approach

What Some of Our Staff Have to Say

Damian Mottram

We’re really big on external training – it is really important to the way we do things at Cellular Solutions. We work with three external training companies, one who helps with telecoms industry knowledge and development, one with skills and leadership and one for self-development. Our staff is generally a very happy and motivated group of individuals. We also believe in a healthy work/life balance for our staff – and that’s true from the top of the company all the way down. I have a family and when my kids were young I was known to many other parents and the teachers of my kids as either “family dad” or “sports dad” – and I’m as proud of that as I am of any of my professional achievements! It is certainly in the company ethos that our staff are supported to achieve a similar work/life balance, be that through flexible working, maternal and paternal arrangements or even sabbaticals.

Danielle Holter
Business Manager

Working at Cellular Solutions feels like being part of a family. We all enjoy our roles within the business and have fun doing our work. We are very team-driven, and we operate in a way that puts collective goals ahead of individual glory. Everyone at Cellular is smart, energetic, and fun to work with. We love what we do, and it shows in the strong relationships we have built with our customers. We all work very hard here, however, it never feels like a hardship. I believe that is a very hard thing to achieve in the workplace. I love working here at Cellular Solutions and can see myself having a very bright future here. Learning, growing and having fun!

Sean Isabel
Business Manager

Cellular Solutions works as one big team, seniority aside we all support each other. Everyone takes great pride in their work here and works to a very high standard throughout, however, no one is ever breathing down your neck or cracking the whip because we all know we need to play our part here in order to maintain the very high standards we aim to achieve. Working in the support team it is very busy and we do work to very strict deadlines but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We aim to provide the best support we can and are always looking to go that extra mile for the customer. I have always felt supported and received the training I need to perform my role to the best of my ability, the company also offers great opportunities for progression. I honestly believe we are heading in the right direction for a very bright future here at CS.

I don’t really see people at work as colleagues it’s like working with a large group of friends. There is always a great vibe throughout the office it’s often very relaxed but professional, I have always felt very valued since working here which is huge for me as an employee we are truly rewarded for the hard work we do here . There always seems to be something going on whether it be fundraisers, trips to the theatre, team nights out or Christmas/summer parties.