Restore Plc

Executive Summary

Restore plc is an AIM-listed support services company providing services to offices and workplaces in the private and public sectors. Having many sites across the UK, management of the business communications was a time consuming and stressful exercise. By moving to Cellular Solutions both the time and worry of this area have been removed and replaced with the highest level of service with the additional benefit of significant savings.


Managing the communications for the company previously involved receiving invoices from a variety of suppliers and liaising with multiple contacts. This resulted in huge amounts of time being spent on the day to day management and administration of the account. This in turn became an onerous exercise in juggling the various relationships between the different suppliers and pin pointing areas of responsibility.

How we helped

With many sites distributed around the UK, business continuity whilst transferring the lines and services was paramount for Restore. After thorough discussion and consultation with one of our experienced Account Managers, Cellular Solutions devised a carefully staged migration that was timetabled over several months and successfully resulted in zero down time for the company.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The continued management of the business landlines by Cellular Solutions has allowed significant time to be refocused on key areas of the business. By simplifying and consolidating the landlines management, any new requirements or queries are simply dealt with through the dedicated number that connects Restore to our specialist support team.

Steve Beardsall, Director of IT and Business Support

Cellular Solutions has helped us to consolidate and simplify our fixed line communications, which previously were provided by a number of different suppliers. It’s great to have one key contact and dedicated support team, who I know will deal with any queries quickly and effectively. This has removed the time consuming and often stressful task of managing the relationship with numerous suppliers.

Cellular Solutions continue to manage our needs and expectations to the highest level and have delivered significant savings in all areas. I have no hesitation in highly recommending them