Kemet International

Executive Summary

Kemet International Limited is at the forefront of precision lapping and polishing technology, offering innovative solutions to operations since 1938. Prior to moving their mobiles to Cellular Solutions, Kemet were becoming increasingly frustrated having to use “stone age” equipment and their incumbent supplier was proving to be distinctly uncooperative. Moving to Cellular Solutions proved to be a “no brainer” both with the initial savings and latest equipment, and the move was smooth and seamless.


Having up to date communications and technology is vital when running a nationwide sales team, however when Neill Swan, Sales Director, took over managing the team, they were still having to rely on archaic and outdated devices. Looking to refresh the team with smartphones to enable flexible working out on the field, Neill’s enquiries with his incumbent supplier were met with an uncooperative attitude and a lack of communication. As Neill explains “We’d been with them for five or six years and they had become complacent and thought that we were always just going to automatically renew. “

How we helped

After being invited to respond to a tender, one of Cellular Solutions’ Business Managers arranged an initial meeting and through thoughtful questioning, gained valuable insight into the company’s requirements and working processes. This in turn enabled Cellular Solutions to present a detailed and comprehensive solution that not only provided the required devices free of charge but also demonstrated substantial savings on their expenditure. Cellular Solutions managed the entire porting process from the incumbent provider to ensure a seamless transition that lead to no loss of productivity or disruption of service to the sales team.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Moving forward, Kemet International have benefited from continuous, consultative and proactive account management, adapting the mobile fleet to match the modern day evolution of a working sales team. As the way people use their mobiles has changed, the tariff plan has been adapted to reflect this, so Kemet are able to focus on their business, safe in the knowledge that their mobile plans are scalable and flexible enough to accommodate any shift in their mobile working requirements.

Neill Swan, Sales Director

Cellular Solutions just keeps an eye on the account and makes sure it works for us. So it’s useful and saved me having to do a huge job. It’s taken away a concern and a worry which is nice, it just ticks over.
It’s always been useful that we have had someone to come and visit, and they lay out what our usage is and highlight where there is unusual usage. This enables me to follow that up with the relevant individuals.
I still get calls from prospective suppliers that want our business every couple of months and I always tell them I am very happy with my current provider.