Hunt And Palmer Plc

Executive Summary

Hunt & Palmer PLC are one of the foremost specialists in bespoke aircraft chartering. Having already enjoyed a successful working relationship with Cellular Solutions on their mobile account since 2007, when faced with ever decreasing levels of service with their incumbent landline supplier, Cellular Solutions were the natural choice for fixed voice and data services when they went out to tender. Now Hunt & Palmer benefit from consistently high levels of service with a single point of contact. They have also future proofed their data requirements by upgrading their leased line internet connection.


Historically, Hunt & Palmer have been reluctant to switch resellers for landlines and broadband. As Richard Ellis, Group IT Manager explains “We had previously tried an alternative reseller and despite their prices being more competitive, we found the service and account management was poor so we ended up returning to our incumbent supplier”. However, eventually it got to the point where Hunt & Palmer recognised that the service level from their incumbent was beginning to drop and that they no longer felt that they were a valued customer.

How we helped

When Hunt & Palmer invited tenders for their fixed voice and data services, Cellular Solutions not only demonstrated significant savings but were also able to provide an upgrade to the internet leased line from a 10Mb bearer to a 100Mb bearer. Additionally, when Cellular Solutions subsequently took over the management of the fixed services, the various home users were consolidated into the main business account by creating cost centres, making it simple to monitor and manage costs.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Hunt & Palmer are now safe in the knowledge that they have a business communications partner who will cater for all their needs as the business grows and changes. As previously demonstrated with the management of the mobile account, Richard Ellis commented “When we went out to tender for our fixed voice and data services, Cellular Solutions were by far the most competitive. Having such a good rapport and experience with their team already, it was an easy decision to move our fixed services to them as well. The transfer process was a smooth and painless exercise.”

Richard Ellis – Group IT Manager Hunt & Palmer PLC

Cellular Solutions has a talent for developing and building relationships, enabling them to consistently deliver exemplary levels of service, and with the upgraded leased line internet circuit, they have future proofed our business against anticipated increases in the demand for bandwidth”. “I would have no hesitation in advising that anyone looking to review their existing telecoms system, speak with the team at Cellular Solutions who will I am sure be pleased to assist. I find it difficult to see how they could improve their service – but they will probably surprise me again on this front! It makes life very easy for me when I am called by potential competitive supplier to advise them that I have no intention of moving at present.