GG Tomkinson Ltd

Executive Summary

GG Tomkinson found they were struggling with the day to day management of their mobile fleet. Overwhelmed with all the available solutions, they sought expert advice on how to manage their business communications. Cellular Solutions took away the arduous management of the account and as a result GG Tomkinson’s have found they have not only saved valuable time but have benefited from the centralised specialist management of having their own account manager and the high efficiency of the Cellular Solutions support team.


GG Tomkinson is one of the largest and longest standing independent warehousing, transport and distribution companies in the South East of England. With 50 years experience in management of space and achieving fantastic value they had historically managed their business mobiles internally. As the business developed they found that a disproportionate amount of time was spent managing their mobiles trying to liaise with the networks and detracting focus from their core business tasks. Overwhelmed with all the available solutions they sought expert advice on how to manage their business communications as a whole.

How we helped

Providing a simple and effective solution that matched the needs of the company Daniela took on the day to day management of the account from GG Tomkinson so they were able to focus all their attention on the things that really mattered within the business. When GG Tomkinson’s opted to work with Cellular Solutions they were relieved to find that we could manage both their mobiles and landlines. Their dedicated account manager now monitors their monthly usage and advises them on the best tariffs and bolt-ons to reduce their costing which not only saves them time but money too.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

By transferring their mobile and landline management to Cellular Solutions, GG Tomkinson now receive clear and informative invoices which continue to indicate the ongoing savings they are making. In a price sensitive market GG Tomkinson’s have found the high quality of service they receive from Cellular Solutions has made all the difference. They are confident that Cellular Solutions will continue to save them both money and time to invest in other areas of their business.

Steve Taylor

Having looked at several service providers I found that many of them seemed directed at huge corporate fleets with 100’s of mobiles and budgets to match. After consulting with Daniela at Cellular Solutions she not only found a cost effective solution that offered substantive value to the account, she was also able to take over the day to day management of the mobiles and combine our landlines too allowing me to focus on the business” – Steve Taylor