Bookers and Bolton Solicitors

Future Proofing with Horizon

Bookers and Bolton solicitors have been in their Alton offices since 1956 and can trace their proud history back to 1893. They have built a reputation for quality and reliability in Hampshire and the South and are committed to maintaining and building on that reputation.

“For us, technology and innovation is always about improving customer service and the quality of work/life balance for our team,” says Practice Manager, Paula Langley.  “We value our people and want them to have time to value our clients”.

Needing More to Deliver More

These values prompted Bookers and Bolton to review their current fixed telephony solution with the view to replacing it with something that would not only be future-proof, but also enable their staff to work as seamlessly away from the office as if they were sat at their desks.

Any proposed solution would need to be reliable, with a guaranteed quality of service, as well as being simple and intuitive to manage with features that would allow individual members of staff to instantly control where their calls were routed.

Instantly Reacting to Customer Needs

The existing solution of a traditional PBX with ISDN lines was showing its age and making any changes relied on the PBX maintainer physically attending the premises when they had availability to administer them, which meant that Bookers and Bolton were not able to instantly react to changing client requirements. Many staff spent time away from the office but there was no way they could communicate as effectively as they could when in the office.

The Solution

Cellular Solutions proposed to replace the PBX and ISDN lines with the Horizon, the class-leading hosted IP solution from Gamma Telecom. This also included a converged fibre broadband connection from Gamma, which prioritises the voice for quality assurance, meaning Gamma had visibility and control of the entire solution. Working closely with Bookers and Bolton, Cellular Solutions has been able to address the shortcomings of the old service and provide the tools needed for their staff to work from any location.

Clear Value

The benefits that Horizon has delivered to Bookers and Bolton were really highlighted after the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown was introduced in March.

As Paula Langley says “We are so glad we have you. We all started working from home on Monday apart from reception staff. Everything is so easy with Horizon. I have been conference calling and working so easily straight away. The Cellular Solutions customer service has been excellent: professional, responsive and friendly. It’s made the whole experience such a good one!”