Andy Coughlin

Executive Summary

Andy Coughlin Consulting (ACC) focuses on helping people, teams and organisations improve their performance, particularly when the pressure is on. Drawing on a range of skills, well-researched systems and over 20 years’ business experience, they create bespoke packages for each client’s unique needs. With a vast international reach, Andy’s time is split between the UK and the rest of the world and subsequently Andy doesn’t have much time for managing his business telecoms. By working closely with Cellular Solutions, he has gained a team of specialists who take the worry out of his mobile management.


As Andy explains, “Running a consultancy means that quite literally time is money for us. It is our product”. Prior to becoming a Cellular Solutions customer, whenever he had a query, he either needed to spend valuable time researching the issue himself, or inevitably talk to his mobile phone network directly, filling him with a sense of despair. “Picking up the phone to a network, where there will be hundreds of people sitting in a call centre that may or may not be in this country, well, your heart goes through your boots!”

How we helped

Taking over the management of ACC’s business mobiles has removed the stress and worry of managing it themselves. Cellular Solutions placed a simple, hassle free, roaming bolt-on to their account so that they can go anywhere in the world without having to think about making changes with his network. This meant that Andy had one less thing to think about when taking his business abroad.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Working with Cellular Solutions has given ACC instant access to a dedicated team for anything mobile-related and has turned the average thirty-minute query into a five-minute task, releasing significant amounts of time back to Andy for reinvestment within the business. This enables him to consult and work anywhere in the world trouble free of mobile woes.

Andy Coughlin

It’s knowing that when I call for support, I’m going to get through to someone, and get help. I know that the guys at Cellular are going to be polite and pleasant to deal with and that they want to help me. They take total ownership of the issue until its resolution.