Our experienced business mobiles team will define and maintain a bespoke package of minutes, texts and data for your company, with the simplicity of fixed price, bundled usage or low line rental tariffs. We will ensure you are provided with the best business mobile phones and tariffs to suit your needs.

We partner with O2 and Vodafone at the highest level to provide our customers with the very best commercial offerings and unique network solutions such as Vodafone One Net.

Travelling internationally shouldn’t stop your workflow; by specifically addressing individual roaming needs within your company we can provide a tailored solution per individual that avoids the unexpected bill shock that is often associated with international travelling, ensuring you can continue to use your business mobile phones with no interruption.

Wide coverage with Vodafone and O2

Vodafone and O2 have a unique joint network venture agreement, where they share their mast infrastructure, meaning which ever supplier you choose you will have access to one of the UK’s largest mobile network infrastructures for more consistent indoor and outdoor coverage.

Simplicity and cost effectiveness

Make life easier by only dealing with one supplier and one team who really know your business.

Alongside our business voice phone contracts, we can offer pocket sized dongles or 4G enabled tablets which can provide the complete mobile working solution for you. If you want to connect multiple people or devices using one of our business mobile deals, we have mobile hotspot technology so you can set up shop anywhere. Our telecoms packages are designed to bring all your existing communications and connectivity needs together, both voice and data, to build an effective communications strategy that makes it easier to manage and more cost effective.

You can check network coverage here:

O2 Coverage CheckerVodafone Coverage Checker


Hassle free conference calling on the move, using just your mobile number. No meeting room, no pin, no hassle.

Just Call Me is a simple, easy to use conference call service from O2. The hassle of setting up a conference call has gone – there’s no need for dial in numbers or pin codes. Simply set the conference date and time on the app, invite attendees and they just call your mobile number to join the call. You can set up a call virtually anywhere to keep your team working together and your clients in the loop. Whether you’re in the same town, scattered around the country or basedin different locations around the world you can always stay connected. You don’t need a data connection – so long as you can receive calls, you can host an O2 Just Call Me conference call for up to 20 people. And because calls are made over the network rather than a data connection or wifi, O2 Just Call Me calls are the same great quality as speaking on your mobile.

No hidden call charges
All you pay is a monthly fee for unlimited conference calls, you don’t have to pay extra to host a call. And participants don’t have to dial any premium rate numbers – they just pay their standard rate to call your mobile. And if they’re on O2 Business, calling into an O2 Just Call Me conference is free.

Organise your calls
You can schedule calls and invite participants, as well as sync your conferences with your calendar. While you’re on a call, you can choose who to let join, who to mute and who to remove. And if you need to invite someone else after a conference has already started, you can use the app to invite them by call or text.

You can make or continue other calls while your conference is happening. The control options let you to toggle between the two. So the conference can continue without you, and you can drop back in when you’re ready. You can also merge two conferences together and move different participants from one conference to another.