Calls and Line Rentals

It’s easy to save money on your business landline costs. Make the hassle free switch to Cellular Solutions and start saving on your calls and line rentals. We can install or take over your business telephone lines to offer reduced call charges, consolidated billing and enhanced customer service unrivalled by Tier 1 providers.

As we are a completely independent reseller, no issues of hierarchy or ownership exist in our business, so instead of being one customer among millions; you are guaranteed a much more personal service.

On top of this, our unique business model also ensures that you can benefit from other products and services alongside your calls and lines at the most competitive pricing. We will then combine all of this onto one, simple monthly bill – with full cost breakdown if required.

Why Switch?

    • Much lower business line rental than with BT
    • Competitive, tailored and flexible tariffs suited to your business needs
    • Retain your existing phone numbers
    • It’s easy to move – no site visits and no hassle
    • One bill for your calls and line rentals and one point of contact for both mobiles and landlines

IP Voice Solutions

The move from traditional ISDN and analogue lines is inevitable, as BT have already indicated that these services will be withdrawn by 2025 latest, so businesses will have the choice of replacing these services with either SIP trunks or a hosted IP telephony solution. Cellular Solutions is ideally placed to support and advise you as to which way forward is most suitable for your business.

SIP Trunks

We provide SIP through Gamma Telecom, the UK’s leading provider in business IP telephony. It is a more flexible and lower cost alternative to ISDN for inbound and outbound calls. A SIP Trunk connects your PBX to the Public Telephone Network via an internet connection, be that a leased line or broadband.

Thousands of UK businesses enjoy the benefits of SIP Trunking and this alone is testimony to the reliability of SIP. For added reassurance, you can use SIP in conjunction with ISDN to ensure a smooth transition. Our SIP service is second to none due to the Gamma national network with advanced monitoring and diagnostic tools they are able to identify and fix issues faster.

Disaster recovery is a hot topic for many businesses and SIP Trunking is usually at the top of the list. Should the worst happen, you can minimise disruption by automatically diverting call traffic to another location or telephone number.

Why SIP?

    • Save money on your line rentals
    • Flexibility to scale up and down when needed
    • Built in business continuity and Disaster Recovery
    • Gives you more control of where your calls are delivered


Cellular Solutions inbound call solutions allow clients to take control of their incoming calls to ensure calls are answered quickly, efficiently and by people with the right skills to handle the call.

We are able to provide inbound functionality on Non-Geographic numbers (0800, 0845, 0844, 0871 etc) Geographic numbers and International numbers. We can provide brand new numbers or take over existing numbers from other telecom providers.

It gives you instant call management and control, is really easy to use via an online portal and can be used with any number, anywhere from any device.

Why Inbound?

    • Create a Nationwide presence
    • Improving Business Continuity
    • Route calls to the correct site or department
    • Recording incoming calls
    • Generate revenue from incoming calls
    • Monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
    • Collate statistics on incoming call handling

Microsoft Teams Direct routing

Microsoft Teams – Direct Routing is a solution available to Office 365 and Microsoft 365 customers who wish to use Cellular Solutions to enable their users to make and receive calls in Microsoft Teams. Gamma operates a cloud model, whereby Microsoft-certified SBCs (Session Border Controllers) are deployed as a bespoke architecture within their network to enable voice through Microsoft Phone System. The service provides VoIP connectivity for Phone System, allowing inbound and outbound telephony through Gamma’s network.

Why Teams?

    • More cost effective (vs Phone System & Microsoft Calling Plans)
    • Cloud-based solution with no expensive initial outlay as there’s no need for traditional hardware
    • Consistently reliable call quality
    • Higher availability / carrier-class resilience & scalability
    • Triplicate 10GB interconnects into Azure (Microsoft), Certified SBC’s
    • Ease of transition (from traditional on-premise phone system)
    • Cellular Solutions Network Services Support Structure

Hosted IP Telephony

We provide a hosted VoIP solution called Horizon provided by Gamma Telecom. It is a complete business communications service that provides an extensive range of telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal.

It allows your employees to manage their calls easily and effectively maximising productivity and takes some of the burden away from your IT team. Local administrators can manage and configure the system to your business needs.

The Horizon platform is constantly evolving and you get new features, upgrades and optional integrations with third party applications as soon as they are released. It is truly future proof.

With built in disaster recovery you can minimise damage in the face of adversity and keep your business running. You can access it anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection – work becomes something you do, not a place you go to.

Why Hosted?

    • No more expensive maintenance costs
    • Freedom and flexibility to make changes when needed
    • Minimal capital outlay
    • Save money
    • Disaster recovery / business continuity as standard

For more information on Horizon and it’s many benefits, please take a look at this short video: