Vodafone Secure Device Management

Business is becoming more mobile every day and in a world where increasing numbers of people are using smartphones and tablets to access your company’s data, it is more important than ever to keep the data on these devices secure. In the past, 72% of businesses have experienced a security breach, which means that now 55% focus more on mobile security than they did previously.

The impact of this is that IT managers are spending on average 19% more of their time administering their mobile estate. Vodafone Secure Device Manager is the simple way to let your people work with their smart devices without compromising your company’s security. The many benefits include:

    • Having secure access to your employees’ smartphones and tablets, and update security settings over the air.
    • Increase productivity and efficiency with tools that make it easy to monitor your workforce.
    • Choose from a cloud-based option or a fully-integrated service managed from your office.
    • You can include devices that aren’t supplied by the company, for example a personal device brought into the business by a new employee or an existing employee.
    • Once a device is added, you can keep it secure not only from day to day but also if it’s misused, lost or stolen.
    • Vodafone Secure Device Manager also makes monitoring devices simple.
    • Increased control in supporting devices from identifying potential issues early on, to fixing problems over the air. Vodafone Secure Device Manager makes supporting devices much simpler and more effective.
    • No matter how many devices come and go on your company’s network, you can quickly and easily manage them wirelessly from your console at the heart of the solution.

With Vodafone Secure Device Manager, your staff can make the most of the devices for work and you can be confident that the company data and applications on them are secure.

MAAS 360

What is it?

MaaS360 from O2 is an easy-to-use mobile device management (MDM) platform which gives you a powerful suite of tools to handle the management and security of all your mobile devices – and all from a single screen.

Recent studies show that 39% of people have downloaded malware onto a phone or tablet. And around 10 million mobile devices are lost or stolen in the UK each year.

More and more people are using their own handsets for work too. There are lots of benefits to this, like flexible working, increased productivity and lower hardware costs. But it can also leave corporate data open to attack. .

How does MAAS 360 help you?

    • Saves time – with one portal to manage all mobile devices.
    • Saves money – ‘Bring Your Own Device’ is now a safe alternative to business hardware.
    • Peace of mind – knowing their data and devices are secure.
    • Work flexibly – on mobiles and boost productivity and employee satisfaction.
    • Improve mobile device operations – detailed graphical reporting capabilities.

How does MaaS360 work?

It’s Cloud-based, so you can go online and manage all their mobile devices from virtually anywhere.

    • Add, remove and set up devices.
    • Sync with all major email, calendar and contact platforms.
    • Control wifi settings and software updates.
    • Encrypt devices to protect business data.
    • Blacklist or whitelist specific apps on devices.
    • Find, lock and wipe lost phones and tablets.
    • Report on data usage usage and plan for future use.
    • Separate corporate data from other activity on your devices.
    • Prevent data leaks with secure container policies.
    • Detects and fixes mobile malware on iOS and Android devices.

Think of MaaS360 as a quick and easy way to make sure all mobile devices are secure. It prevents the bad things from getting in, and the good things from leaking out of a business network.