Vodafone UK partner of choice for Energy Networks Association delivery of new 105 national three digit number.

Vodafone UK partner of choice for Energy Networks Association delivery of new 105 national three digit number.

In an announcement earlier this month, Ofcom approved the application for a national three-digit number to be used in emergencies to contact electrical companies.

The memorable '105' number, which will go live in April 2016, will make it easier for customers across Great Britain to contact their local electricity distribution company if they experience a power cut, have an associated welfare related concern or encounter an electricity network safety issue.

Vodafone UK as the telecommunications service provider for the '105' number. Vodafone will deliver a service which will route customers to the right electricity network operator, wherever they are in the country, without them needing to know who that operator is or how else to contact them.

Phil Mottram, UK Enterprise Director of Vodafone UK said: "When a member of the public needs to get hold of their electricity network operator because their service has been affected or they need to report a fault, it's important that they can do so quickly and easily. The new, simple, 3DN, powered by Vodafone, will connect customers with their electricity network operator first time, ensuring they get the information and support they need at a critical time. Using our reliable fixed communications network, intelligent call routing system and the customer's location, calls from either a landline or mobile made to '105' will automatically be routed to the local electricity network operator removing the hassle of remembering or trying to locate the company's contact information. The new 3DN will make it simpler for electricity network operators to be ready to help and advise their customers when they most need it, now and in the future."

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Amber Rudd said: "British families and businesses need to know where to turn if they find themselves without power during severe weather or other incidents. A single 3-digit number cuts through the confusion and puts people in touch with the information they need when they need it."

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