Vodafone trials Digital Skills Workshops for SME’s to help them become Ready Businesses.

Vodafone trials Digital Skills Workshops for SME’s to help them become Ready Businesses.

Whilst small to medium enterprises account for 99% of all UK Businesses shockingly 30% were found by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills to still not have an online presence! Vodafone is hoping to combat this with the launch of a trial series of digital skills workshops in London and Leeds.

Providing SME's with the digital skill they need to compete with the increasingly global marketplace these one day workshops provide hands-on training not only on creating their own websites with online payment and mobile optimising them; but also the management and use of social media channels. These skills are then utilised to increase revenue through the production of targeted advertising campaigns and effective marketing increasing their customer reach and awareness.

Jonathan Kini, Head of Small & SME Business at Vodafone UK says: "It is no surprise that the way we do business is changing. This is driven by more and more transactions happening online and by customers' changing expectations. Customers want to be able to engage with businesses through multiple channels and to receive fast, responsive and quality customer service 24/7. Therefore, SMEs need to adapt and be ready to take advantage of the online opportunities and benefits of being a digital business and not risk losing out by falling behind the digital curve. We are really pleased to be launching this new initiative which will help many more SMEs become Ready Businesses."

Being renowned centres for business, London and Leeds will be used by Vodafone to assess the wider impact that they could make in further supporting British SME's. This forms part of its ongoing commitment to helping equip businesses with the tools they need to adapt and be ready for the constantly evolving digital landscape of today and tomorrow.



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