Vodafone best in UK for Mobile calls and best network in London

Vodafone best in UK for Mobile calls and best network in London

Tested by one of the world's leading independent mobile network testing companies P3, Vodafone has been announced as having the best performing network in London.

P3 has been conducting independent network assessments for 15years and is widely considered to be a global leader in its field, after taking more than 60,000 hours of measurements throughout 47 countries during 2015 they concluded Vodafone as the best UK network for Calls and best network overall in London. Receiving the best network performance rating in thirty years, P3 stated that Vodafone delivered;

• the best performance for voice calls across the country;
• the best voice and data network in London, for the second year in a row; and
• UK-wide data network performance on a par with Vodafone's leading competitor.

This follows years of unprecedented investment in the network with £2billion being invested since 2014 and a further £2billion ring-fenced for the next three years upgrades. Whilst upgrading over 5,000 mobile sites to 4G granting outdoor access to 95% of the population, Vodafone have also pioneered the development of technology to tackle notorious network issues such a rural, not spots. Developing innovative solutions such as the companies Rural Open Sure Signal program, Vodafone are unceasing in their pursuit of universal connectivity and plan to bring more rural communities mobile coverage with their Community Indoor Sure Signal Initiative.

It is this continued development that has lead to Vodafone offering their customers an industry first Network Satisfaction Guarantee, granting new and upgrading customers 30days to experience the quality of the network for themselves before fully committing to a contract term.

Vodafone UK Chief Executive Nick Jeffery said: "We're building the UK's strongest network designed, site by site, to meet all of our customers' needs, wherever they are. These results are a welcome validation that our massive investment program is making a real difference for our customers."

Read the full in-depth report here.

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