URGENT: iPhone Users update your software now.

URGENT: iPhone Users update your software now.

The update fixes a spyware issue that used previously undisclosed weaknesses in the iPhone's software to take complete control of the device with just a tap of a finger.

The spyware was a highly sophisticated spyware that took advantage of three previously unknown security flaws in Apple's iOS operating system. Called Zero Day exploits, these gaps in the security of the operating system have never before been seen by any security experts which is what makes them so dangerous. Finding and taking advantage of three Zero Day exploits is previously unheard of and lead to the apt name Trident.

Apple confirmed that they fixed the issue as soon as it was made known to them. To Update the software on your phone, follow the steps set out below.

Updating the iOS software on your iPhone

Update your device wirelessly
If a message says that an update is available, tap Install Now. You can also follow these steps:
1. Plug your device into power and connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi.
2. Tap Settings > General > Software Update.
3. Tap Download and Install. If a message asks to temporarily remove apps because iOS needs more space for the update, tap Continue or Cancel. Later, iOS will reinstall apps that it removed.
4. To update now, tap Install. Or you can tap Later and choose Install Tonight or Remind Me Later. If you tap Install Tonight, just plug your iOS device in to power before you go to sleep. Overnight, your device will update automatically.
5. If asked, enter your passcode.

Update your device using iTunes
If you can't update wirelessly, you can update with iTunes. If your computer uses the Personal Hotspot on the iOS device that you're updating, connect your computer to a different network.
1. Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.
2. Connect your device to your computer.
3. Open iTunes and select your device.
4. Click Summary, then click Check for Update.
5. Click Download and Update.

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