The rise of the Phoenix – Nokia is back!

The rise of the Phoenix – Nokia is back!

When I started work in this industry Nokia used to be THE only phone to have, it was pretty much the only phone manufacturer around (many many moons ago!). But with the fast-paced changes in mobile technology and trends, Blackberry coming and going, and technology giants like Samsung and Apple making amazing smartphone after amazing smartphone Nokia found it hard to keep up and kind of disappeared a bit....

Well they are back, and they present us with the Nokia 6. An Android phone packed with features and rumoured to be available at a very competitive price. It's released in China now and should hit the European markets in the first half of this year. The Nokia 6 has the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system which means it would be a viable alternative to the Samsung, LG and Sony handsets currently on the market.

This first new Nokia is a mid-range handset, aimed more at the consumer market, and has all the standard features you would want in a smartphone.


  • Slim metal body with Gorilla Glass
  • 5.5 inch of HD touchscreen
  • 64GB internal memory with a microSD card slot for you to add more
  • 16MP camera and an 8MP selfie cam
  • Fingerprint recognition unlock

The brand "Nokia" has been handed to HMD Global, a company that formed in 2014 around the time Microsoft stopped using the Nokia name, and they have secured the rights to make Nokia phones for the next decade. There are more announcements and unveilings expected to be made at the end of February by HMD about their new range of Android OS Nokias (hopefully one being the European release dates), and as the first handset to be released the 6 looks to be a pretty solid device that is sending a clear message, Nokia phones are back!

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