The biggest barrier to productivity is shown to be slow internet speeds.

The biggest barrier to productivity is shown to be slow internet speeds.

In a YouGov Survey commissioned by Virgin Media, 1,103 senior decision makers of small or medium enterprises (SMEs) in the UK were questioned regarding their businesses internet.

Identified by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills as accounting for 96% of all businesses, SMEs of 0-9 employee's could be losing a day's worth of productivity a week as those surveyed believed individuals to be losing 15 minutes a day of productivity due to slow internet speed. With a third of the senior decision makers believing slow internet speed matched customer service queries in distracting them from their main role at work.

With 57% identifying internet connectivity as a business critical service it was apparent that poor internet connectivity was not only detrimental to standard operations, it was actually stunting their growth with 34% thinking that increased broadband speeds would accelerate their growth overall.

This is reflected in an increasingly digital era of business, with on-line advertising and social media topping the 2016 priority list for over 20% of the respondents, to facilitate company growth in the year.

Faster internet speeds positively influence your company from the foundations up, boosting productivity from grass roots positions such as admin to the most senior decision makers enabling company growth. Cellular Solutions offers dedicated business broadband services with scalable solutions of up to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gigabit). This will open up a world of technological advances that can facilitate your company's growth.

We have seen the cost of internet leased lines fall considerably and the availability increase considerably over the last 12 months, so even if you have previously looked into this, do contact us to find out what is currently available in your area. To find out more click here or contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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