StaffHub – Office 365 for the deskless worker

StaffHub – Office 365 for the deskless worker

For those of you who already know of Microsoft's Office 365 cloud based Office system, you'll know that it links all your desk based employees with each other, creating ease and efficiency in work and communication across an entire company. Features include file sharing, scheduling assistants, constant contact with remote workers and home workers... the list goes on, and continues to grow as Microsoft continue to improve and update their products.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Office 365 didn't have any application in a large variety of industries where users couldn't access a PC. For example, the retail sector, the care sector, construction, agriculture and many more, as the staff for these types of businesses weren't at a desk all day or working at a laptop remotely.

Until now.

Now comes Microsoft Office 365 StaffHub.

StaffHub has been launched this month and is available as part of Microsoft Office 365. It allows businesses that previously relied on outdated processes to be able to manage and communicate with their staff in a much easier and more efficient way. Gone will be the days of shift schedules pinned on staff notice boards, phone calls and text messages to re arrange shifts, having to wait until someone is at work to let them know a procedure change or give them a task. With StaffHub managers can share shift schedules with all their employees simultaneously. They can send messages to individual staff or an entire team at once. Roll out company announcements in a cloud based environment where they will be confident everyone will receive and see the information. They can also easily amend staff schedules and can approve shift swap requests in real time. Each employee can access StaffHub via a free app on their Android or IOS handset (and via a web app for those who don't have either) and see their shifts. The can see any messages relevant to their workday and communicate with the rest of their colleagues. They can see who else they are on shifts with and send shift swap requests if they need to. Basically, this very clever product means that everyone can get access to the information they need to do their jobs at all times and from anywhere.

This video perfectly shows you the current features of this new product –

StaffHub Demo Video

So, to save paper, time and money please contact us HERE to get more information on Microsoft Office 365 and the new StaffHub feature, or call us on 01273 424220.


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