O2 in market first to bring the internet of things to millions of homes in 2016

O2 in market first to bring the internet of things to millions of homes in 2016

O2 are launching a new 'smart home' management system in the summer of 2016, the first of its kind in Europe.

Announcing on the eve of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, O2's Digital Director David Plumb detailed their launch of the AT&T digital life platform, bringing together devices old and new around the house through a smart hub, to be controlled through a Smartphone app. Through this platform households will be able to automate and manage a range of household systems such as home security, heating and energy management.
Offering a range of devices that can integrate with the hub, such as alarms, smart plugs, camera's locks and lights, O2 are keen to develop an all-encompassing ecosystem for the home stating;

"At O2 we are building an ecosystem that will deliver a complete smart home experience. By partnering with the very best device, platform and service providers, we will be able to give people the smartest tech for their homes,"

Brought together through one single app will allow the system to utilise the programmes intelligent learning which will enable greater efficiencies in energy usage customer management. Initially rolling out in London as a trial, O2 plan to bring this technology to the homes of their 25 million customers with the hand on technical expertise of their Guru's as Plum went on to explain;

"crucially, we will use our O2 Gurus, with installation experts, to make it easy and simple for people to get the most out of that tech, ensuring they can save money and time or simply gain peace of mind. . . we're excited to be using our scale and expertise to help customers get the everyday benefits of connected tech in the home."

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