O2 celebrates National Women in Engineering Day

O2 celebrates National Women in Engineering Day

O2 has opened the doors of its Slough headquarters to give young women an insight into the world of telecoms and technology.

In a bare all invitation O2 students will be given an exclusive tour of the head office, with a variety of influential speakers throughout the day giving them unique insights into the telecoms industry and answering their questions at a lunch networking event. Hoping to inspire the next generation of technological geniuses students have also been allowed access to the latest cutting edge tech in O2's development lab with fun activities to demonstrate how the complex infrastructure drives the business.

"Technology is an exciting industry to be in," says Jennifer Rigby, Head of Channels and Innovation at O2. "Our aim is to help ensure that everyone who wants to work in technology can do so, regardless of their gender, age, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, or disability. We need people from all walks of life, including women, to drive innovation and push technology forward together."

O2 are huge supporters of diversity and view it as an integral component of their increasing success. As recognised in the 2016 Women in IT Awards where O2 was nominated for e-Skills Initiative of the Year and Jennifer Rigby, Head of IT Channels and Innovation, being awarded the IT transformation of the Year award for O2 having "undergone a major, and successful, IT transformation in the past 18 months, in which a woman has played an integral part".

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