O2 adds depth to its network with ‘crystal clear’ HD Voice calling and intelligent networking.

O2 adds depth to its network with ‘crystal clear’ HD Voice calling and intelligent networking.

O2 have been rolling out HD (High Definition) Voice for free to all compatible customers alongside the launch of the UK's first intelligent network upgrade; enabling their network to respond instantly to consumer behaviours.

Trialled in Edinburgh, this intelligent network has increased the ability to complete a call by an impressive 40%. This has been achieved through the successful pairing of two advanced technologies. O2 have developed their own Self-Optimising Network which uses in-depth analysis of network traffic and automatically calculates the best coverage for consumers within a set area. This is then automatically used in real time to adjust the antennas, automating a process which used to take weeks to complete.

Derek McManus, O2's Chief Operating Officer explained:-

"The way in which our customers use and experience our network is incredibly powerful and there is a lot we can learn from it. As well as regular infrastructure upgrades, we also prioritise the introduction of new technologies and are proud to bring this innovation to the UK. Our customers now use the smartest, most intelligent network available, which learns and responds to precisely how they choose to use it."

As such, O2 have also partnered with network specialists Cellwize and Empirix to analyse and report on the network down to individual customer experiences. Identifying those that are 'less than perfect' and working directly with customers to direct their network improvements.

To further augment those perfect calls, O2 has been implementing HD voice free of charge to all customers with compatibility for 'crystal clear calls'. By filtering out background noise, you can make a call in the busiest of locations and still have great clarity for your calls. For compatibility with HD Voice and to find out more click here.

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