New Year – New Technology

New Year – New Technology

"What is IoT?" I hear you ask. Well, the acronym stands for "Internet of Things" and already doesn't sound as scary as it looks. It is the idea that any device can be connected to the internet, and not just exclusively smartphones, computers and laptops. We're talking anything from your coffee machine at home, to your car, to the printing machine at work. Pretty much anything with an on/off switch could one day be a part of the IoT.

We have already seen the start of this, with being able to control your heating from your phone, or set your TV box to record your favourite show, but as we move forward the IoT will grow to become a vast network of connected "things" and the possibilities this will create will be infinite. The new rule for the future is going to be, "Anything that can be connected, will be connected."

What will the benefits be of having everything "on the grid"? Well, your working day may start with your alarm clock waking you up and then telling your coffee machine to make your morning beverage. While you're in your car traveling to your morning meeting, the car could send your contact there a text message to advise of your live ETA if you get stuck in traffic. When you're at the office and printing off your reports, your printer may see that it's low on toner and order more. When you're on your way home your wearable smart device could tell your lights and heating at home to come on ready for you to arrive. On a larger scale the IoT could be applied to street lighting, transport networks and industrial machinery. The future may one day be "smart towns" as shown in the picture below.


libelium smart world infographic small


The market for IoT-enabled devices is still small, but rapid growth is predicted with developments in technology and applications for industries such as healthcare, energy and the automotive market. Just today Ford announced an agreement with Amazon to integrate its Alexa digital assistant in the Ford Sync AppLink system in their cars. This will give consumers access to their car from home over Alexa-enabled devices, and the ability to use Alexa functions while in their car.

As a provider of both mobile, broadband and fixed line services, and being specialists in data products and services, we will be able to help you and your business get IoT ready.

IoT is here.....

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