New Ofcom regulations simplify switching broadband providers

New Ofcom regulations simplify switching broadband providers

The new regulation that came into force on the 20th June allows the customer to simply request the change through their new broadband provider of choice who will then facilitate the entire exchange. Originally a consumer would have had to call their existing provider to obtain an MAC which they would then pass on to the new provider to initiate the changeover.

Whilst this process what identified as "confusing and time consuming" by Ofcom critics claimed more consumers could be migrated to alternate providers without their consent. There is, however, a built-in 10-day notice period to prevent such abuses. Internet service providers must also keep records of migration requests to help spot cases of this so-called "slamming", in which people are moved to new suppliers without their consent.

Sharon White head of Ofcom said the change would allow people to "take advantage of very strong competition in the landline and broadband markets". There was however warnings that should requests be made whilst still within the minimum service period early termination charges would be applicable and thus it is advisable to contact your existing supplier before attempting to move.

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