More reasons to go to the pub!

More reasons to go to the pub!

The Wortwell Bell Inn in Harleston, South Norfolk, now has reliable Vodafone 3G mobile coverage, allowing its patrons and staff to be able to use their mobile phones for calls and internet surfing whilst working behind the bar or quenching their thirst in front of it.

This is the first community hub to go live under Vodafone's Community Indoor Sure Signal (CISS) programme. Vodafone has installed an innovative mini-mast inside the pub bringing much needed mobile voice and data capability where there was once a mobile coverage black spot. The femtocell technology used in CISS programme is similar to that deployed by Vodafone in its successful Rural Open Sure Signal (ROSS) programme, which brought 3G coverage to 84 rural not-spots across the country. The units – about the size of a standard domestic broadband router – can provide 3G mobile coverage throughout a building when connected to an existing broadband line.

The CISS programme has been launched with the aim of bringing Vodafone indoor coverage to 100 community hubs, such as pubs, village halls and community centres, across the UK and its more extreme rural and remote areas where reliable indoor coverage can otherwise be difficult to get.

Jorge Fernandes, Vodafone UK Chief Technology Officer, said: "Community hubs, like pubs and village halls, play an important part in rural life and supporting the local economy. We want to ensure all our customers can enjoy the benefits of mobile connectivity wherever they are but appreciate there are some communities which will take longer to get to using traditional methods. We remain committed to innovative programmes, like ROSS and CISS, which help bring coverage to communities who need it."

Chris Shore, landlord of The Wortwell Bell added: "The Vodafone Sure Signal unit is benefitting both our customers and our business. As keeping in touch is so important to everyone these days, having a reliable 3G signal is fantastic for our village pub."

• Further information on the Wortwell Bell is available at

• Vodafone is still accepting applications for the CISS programme. Further information and application details are available at


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