ISDN is dead, long live VOIP!

ISDN is dead, long live VOIP!

BT announced their intentions to switch off the current traditional ISDN networks by 2025 and many fixed line carriers speculate that 98% of businesses will have transferred to a VOIP solution by 2021 but what does this all mean?

PSTN, ISDN, and VOIP? PSTN stands for public switched telephone network which is the legacy analog call solution, where your call is carried over copper-wired phone lines owned and managed through a phone provider. ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network; this runs off the same copper wires but can carry voice and data on the same lines offering additional services to the traditional PSTN such as simultaneous calls on the line. VOIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol which transmits your call through an internet connection, which is often a better value service with more features than PSTN and ISDN services. See our ultimate guide to telecom jargon for more industry acronyms that are bandied about here.

So after all the jargon's been explained what does this mean for you? Well now is the time to consider your fixed line strategy; there is a myriad of benefits and opportunities available to all businesses, enabling you to effectively plan ahead for the looming changes and be fully prepared. As fully multifunctional and scalable solutions, next generation products pose no risk to implementing a new solution now as they can grow and adapt not only with your business but with the evolution of technology.

As an additional incentive, we are currently offering completely free calls to all UK Local and National numbers when you take a VOIP service with us. Not only are we future proofing your fixed line estate, increasing the flexibility it offers, but we also are removing the majority of your greatest area of cost which is typically your outbound call cost and saving on the line rentals you pay.

To find out more information you can click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and someone will email or call you back to answer any questions you may have about the above changes and the best solution for your business. 


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