In May 2017 we wrote about O2 joining forces with the NSPCC to help us protect our offspring in the online world. Now we are very pleased to write about Vodafone who have their own Digital Parenting programme that has been running for 7 years now, and has recently launched a great online book for us all to read and use with our children to help educate them in this digital age.

New research suggests children are using social media before parents have spoken to them about how to use it responsibly, with 48% being exposed to it by age seven.

To help parents have these important conversations with their children at a younger age, Vodafone UK and Andersen Press have teamed up with award-winning author Jeanne Willis and illustrator Tony Ross to produce a co-branded digital edition of #Goldilocks. The book is a modern twist on the classic fairy tale and offers a fun and accessible way for parents to discuss responsible social media use with their younger children.

The book sees #Goldilocks getting into trouble with the three bears over her pursuit of likes on social media. It aims to help educate children about the potential consequences of being unkind, getting carried away with selfies or oversharing images in a light-hearted way.

This, along with their website packed with great articles and a back catalogue of their 7 Digital Parenting magazines, makes for a great source of help and information for parents trying to guide and talk to their young and older children about a subject that just didn't exist like this "when we were young"! For many families, it can be hard to keep pace with the rapid advances in tech, devices, apps and the ways young people are using them.

Voda - "Digital Parenting gives parents the knowledge and tools they need to have important conversations with their children about the digital world - so families can get the most out of it and navigate it safely."

Digital Parenting is a resource by the Vodafone Foundation UK charity 1089625 and digital family experts, Parent Zone.


Thank you Vodafone, for making it all a little easier and a little less scary for us parents! 

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