Cellular Solutions’ big charity event update… part deux!

Cellular Solutions’ big charity event update… part deux!

Last week I wrote about how we were doing on our latest charity extravaganza, and it was mostly about our home team and their static bike challenge, their bake sale, and their raffles and auctions. Together, those that stayed to man the office whilst eating cake on exercise bikes raised a very impressive £3,582.69! MASSIVE WELL DONE TO THE HOME TEAM!

And when I left you last week reader, our courageous riders were still in France tackling the hills and heat and rain....well I am pleased to report they all made it back in one piece, albeit tired pieces.

Their 173-mile trek was split over 3 days. Thursday saw them cycle 60 miles to Mansle, Friday was 56 miles to Brantome, and then the final leg down to Bergerac on Saturday. The weather ranged from 30c heat and blazing sunshine, to a 4-hour ride in that horrid drizzly rain that just soaks you through. But the riders of all ages and abilities cycled through to conquer the many mighty hills to reach their goal.


Steph Bodilly said "the hills were steep, but everyone kept peddling, no one got off and pushed. We did stop to get our breath back on the way up the really steep ones. It was like going up Ditchling Beacon 4 times each day!" – and for anyone who knows Ditchling Beacon, Sussex, you'll agree, that's one killer hill!!

A few riders did more than they needed to for the ride as with the inclines separating the pack out a bit, some team members took some wrong turns, but through the wonders of mobile telecommunications (provided by Cellular Solutions) all AWOL riders were quickly found and regrouped.


And whilst our cyclists carried on pushing themselves to their limits, we had Richard and James supporting them all day in our support vehicle, provided by Pavilion Car Rental, providing snacks and refreshments on rest stops, and running their own 5km every evening at the overnight locations.

I think our away team did fantastically well and every member of our Cellular Solutions family here is immensely proud of them. BIEN FAIT, DES GENS INCROYABLES!

Damian, our Managing Director, had this to say – "'The level of focus and resilience from everyone in the business, both the team in France either achieving the kilometres or supporting the cyclists, and the team back in the office also fund raising whilst retaining excellence of support and service to our customers, was extremely impressive. I am hugely proud of all of them and the dedication with which they go about this, whilst engaging in the overall event and what it's about – raising good amounts for exceptionally important causes.'

All of these amazing charity fundraising events have brought our grand total so far to £25,000. There is still time to make a donation to any of our walkers, runners or riders here – thank you.

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