Android users rejoice! Android Pay launches in the UK.

Android users rejoice! Android Pay launches in the UK.

The long awaited contactless payment service has launched a year after it was initially released in the US.

Android pay can be used anywhere contactless cards can be used and allows users to pay for goods up to the value of £30 by simply waking the phone and tapping it to the contactless reader. For anything over £30 users must then authenticate themselves by unlocking the phone with either their pin or fingerprint or pattern.

It works through the Android Pay app and utilises near field communications built into compatible handsets. Using a tokenisation security process the application never reveals the card details, and instantaneously displays any transactions for increased visibility in the event of fraud. Some retail applications have also indicated that users will be able to checkout using android pay in the app rather than following the traditional checkout process, speeding up their transactions.

To start using Android Pay on your handset today, click here for the application download and a full list of requirements.

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