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Business Mobile Plans & Contracts


For those who are constantly on the move, our range of 4G services harness the high-speed data capacity of the mobile networks, to enable you to work faster when you’re out of the office and get the most out of your business mobile plans. Being on the move doesn’t mean business has to stop or slow down. 4G helps our clients get things done faster, making their workflow more effective and ultimately keeping them ahead of the competition.

business mobile plans

With a 4G phone or tablet you can get online faster and access apps and documents via the cloud. Our partners have teamed up with Microsoft making it easy to access cloud software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

There are a range of data allowances that can flex so you no longer need to have lots of different devices.

The benefits of our business mobile plans and contracts include:

    Full productivity on any device anywhere

    No longer are you tied to your business mobile, instead unleash your mobile workforce with connected smartphone’s, tablets and laptops. You can even create your own hotspot to set up an office wherever you are.

    Access to high speed internet on any device anywhere

    No need to wait for a free WIFI hotspot, access important emails, services and documents anywhere you go making business on the move easy.

    Mobile Working security

    With the advent of cloud computing, mobile workers are accessing increasingly business critical and sensitive systems on the move; with high speed 4G mobile data you can protect your systems from often unsecured public WiFi spots.

    Wide coverage with Vodafone and O2.

    Vodafone and O2 have a unique joint network venture agreement, where they share their mast infrastructure, meaning which ever supplier you choose you will have access to one of the UK’s largest mobile network infrastructures for more consistent indoor and outdoor coverage.

    4G Everywhere

    If your business takes you abroad then so should your data, with O2 or Vodafone’s 4G data roaming you can manage your business in more international locations than ever before.

    Simplicity and cost effectiveness

    Make life easier by only dealing with one supplier and one team who really know your business.

With our business phone contracts we can offer pocket sized dongles or 4G enabled tablets which can provide the complete mobile working solution. If you want to connect multiple people or devices using one of our business mobile deals, we have mobile hotspot technology so you can set up shop anywhere. Our telecoms packages are designed to bring all your existing communications and connectivity needs together to build an effective communications strategy that makes it easier to manage and more cost effective.

We will help you set your device up for emailing and internet so it will be ready to use as soon as you get it. We also have specialists that will help you get the most out of your business mobile contract and with one of the highest support to sales staff ratios in the industry, we are able to offer our customers comprehensive support whenever they need assistance.

You can check 4G business coverage here:

O2 Coverage Checker Vodafone Coverage Checker

  • what our customers say

    Steve Taylor

    “Having looked at several service providers I found that many of them seemed directed at huge corporate fleets with 100’s of mobiles and budgets to match. After consulting with Daniela at Cellular Solutions she not only found a cost effective solution that offered substantive value to the account, she was also able to take over the day to day management of the mobiles and combine our landlines too allowing me to focus on the business”

    GG Tomkinson Ltd
  • what our customers say

    Chris Ellard – Commercial Director – ILG

    ILG have been with Cellular Solutions since 2000.  During this time we have enjoyed considerable growth and have also employed a strong acquisition strategy which has involved the integration of two new businesses and required some significant  changes to our telecoms account. Our Account Manager has supported us through these changes and advised continuously on best options available to us. We have now streamlined the account and can manage all of our telecoms expenditure with the flexibly and control we require.

  • what our customers say

    Andy Raffell – Managing Director - Arbus

    We moved from a network direct to Cellular Solutions after a business associate recommending I spoke to Sarah. It was quickly apparent that our account had not been managed affectively and we were incurring unnecessary charges. Sarah moved us across and saved us a significant sum each month. We now see Sarah at least every 3 months and Cellular Solutions provide us with monthly reporting to ensure that we continually manage our spend. It is great to have complete transparency on the account. We have also now moved our fixed line solution to Cellular Solutions to maximize our savings further.

  • what our customers say

    Helen Martin - Project Manager - Kelly’s Self Storage

    Beyond fantastic - It is a relief and a wonderful surprise to be dealing with a supplier who actually delivers on what they promise.

    Sarah reduced our bills by 52% in the first year and, unasked, has reduced them by a further 11% this year by proactively monitoring our account usage and has consistently kept our bills low and ensured we are aware of, and have the ability to change, anything that is causing excess call charges.

    We have since moved our fixed lines to Cellular Solutions for further cost savings – It’s great to have all the communications under one reliable umbrella.

    Kelly’s Self Storage
  • what our customers say

    Ciaran Armstrong - Project Manager - Sutton Winson Ltd

    I have to work with a lot of suppliers and Cellular Solutions are far more efficient than anyone else in dealing with problems. In March 2013, we decided to migrate all of our users on to data devices. Trying to sort out our new handsets could have been a massive headache for me. Cellular Solutions dealt with everything with brilliant efficiency and the minimum of fuss – I could not have asked for more helpful assistance. I have already told one colleague to use them and would be happy to refer them to anyone else I know.

    Sutton Winson Ltd
  • what our customers say

    Neill Swan, Sales Director

    Cellular Solutions just keeps an eye on the account and makes sure it works for us. So it’s useful and saved me having to do a huge job. It’s taken away a concern and a worry which is nice, it just ticks over.
    It’s always been useful that we have had someone to come and visit, and they lay out what our usage is and highlight where there is unusual usage. This enables me to follow that up with the relevant individuals.
    I still get calls from prospective suppliers that want our business every couple of months and I always tell them I am very happy with my current provider.

    Kemet International
  • what our customers say

    Andy Coughlin

    It’s knowing that when I call for support, I’m going to get through to someone, and get help. I know that the guys at Cellular are going to be polite and pleasant to deal with and that they want to help me. They take total ownership of the issue until its resolution.

    Andy Coughlin
  • what our customers say

    Richard Ellis – Group IT Manager Hunt & Palmer PLC

    Cellular Solutions has a talent for developing and building relationships, enabling them to consistently deliver exemplary levels of service, and with the upgraded leased line internet circuit, they have future proofed our business against anticipated increases in the demand for bandwidth”. “I would have no hesitation in advising that anyone looking to review their existing telecoms system, speak with the team at Cellular Solutions who will I am sure be pleased to assist. I find it difficult to see how they could improve their service - but they will probably surprise me again on this front! It makes life very easy for me when I am called by potential competitive supplier to advise them that I have no intention of moving at present.

    Hunt and Palmer Plc
  • what our customers say

    Sharon Fletcher – Operations Director
 - Qixpay

    I just wanted to drop you a quick email to compliment your customer service team.

    Every time and everyone I have dealt with has been extremely efficient and responsive.  It is a real asset to a business.

  • what our customers say

    Paul Singleton - Operations Manager - Westpoint Veterinary Group

    Westpoint Veterinary Group runs 17 branches across the UK serving the needs of the farming community 24 hours, 365 days a year. The nature of our business and the emergencies we respond to means that our vets are in remote areas throughout the day and night. Having a communication solution that is reliable is imperative to our business. Cellular Solutions have continued to support us through a period of rapid growth and ongoing changes. With regular contact and face to face meetings every few months I have confidence that the account is effectively managed at all times.

    Westpoint Veterinary Group
  • what our customers say

    Steve Beardsall, Director of IT and Business Support

    Cellular Solutions has helped us to consolidate and simplify our fixed line communications, which previously were provided by a number of different suppliers. It's great to have one key contact and dedicated support team, who I know will deal with any queries quickly and effectively. This has removed the time consuming and often stressful task of managing the relationship with numerous suppliers.

    Cellular Solutions continue to manage our needs and expectations to the highest level and have delivered significant savings in all areas. I have no hesitation in highly recommending them

    Restore Plc