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Q. ​Do I need a data bolt on, and how long does this take to apply?

It is always recommended if you plan on using your device to access the internet or receive emails, that you have an appropriate data bolt on applied to your line. The networks quote 24-48 working hours to apply network amendments to your line before you start using data on your device. This ensures that all your data usage is included in your newly allocated bundle and you don’t accrue any unwanted charges. We would also always advise that you wait to receive confirmation from our support team that your data bolt on has been applied before you start to use your data services.

Q. ​How can I recycle my old handsets?

It’s really easy, simply send them into us and we’ll send them off on your behalf. It doesn’t matter what make or model, we’ll be able to recycle any disused handset that you have. All handsets are recycled safely and any data is securely erased – we’ll take care of everything for you. To get a quote or book these in please contact the products and repairs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q. ​What kind of data support can Cellular Solutions provide?

There are several types of support that we offer to our customers requiring data services, these include:

Device Set Up - We will set up your new handset for emailing and internet before posting out to you ready to use. This service is available for Blackberry BIS, Nokia, Samsung and HTC handsets and costs just £8.85 per device.

1/2 Day Onsite Handset Set Up - We have a team of specialists who will come out to your offices and give a presentation on your chosen device(s), operating system and handset capabilities. During this time, we’ll also demonstrate the set up of devices for internet and emailing. Our team will train your end users on how to get the best from the handsets providing helpful hints and tips for easy use as well as training on backup and fault resolution on devices. Please speak to us for more information.

Q. How do I check my mobile data download and upload speeds?

For an estimate of the speeds you may experience when in the UK, please see Vodafone's coverage checker here

For mobile data download and upload speeds please following the following instructions;

  1. Type in the postcode of the area you wish to check
  2. To the right of the search button ensure to click the 3G or 4G button
  3. Then click the view data speed button as indicated in the image with the arrow.